We did something

After nearly 15 months of planning and working the One Eleven Food Hall in Pullman opened. Our partnership with Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives really expanded our idea of how we contribute. As consultants we are typically working with existing businesses that need operational improvements. Businesses that are already up and running, but just not running as well as they’d like. This project was different because we were tasked with building the concept from ground up.

This is no ordinary food hall. Our goal was to find entrepreneurs that had the potential for building their concept to levels that would move them out and into their own space. The mission is great. Provide easy and low cost opportunity. Help build brand awareness. Be supportive on the business side when necessary. Create amenities in the community where there was little. Prove that it could be done and that it could be successful.

A truly humbling mission and one that we are honored to have been part of. Now head over and check it out!

Jacob Hagan